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Gravestone of Robert Adams

November 27, 2009

During an attempt to track down the unnamed author of a key mimeograph on the life of Robert Adams, last night I came across a website documenting the gravestones and genealogy of New England settlers (an impressive undertaking, to say the least!).

Listed at the Byfield Parish Church Burial Ground, I was very excited to see the headstone of Robert Adams and a number of other Adams. However, due to the age of the headstone and distance of the photograph, the view is not close enough to read any details – in fact the photo is so far away as to include Robert’s neighbor, Josiah, d. Jan 4, 1852.

Without the ability to see the stone for myself, I can only rely on the information listed by the photographer who was there, cross-referenced with Garry Adams’ extensive genealogical research.

Comparisons of note:

  • Both sources state his origin as Devonshire, England
  • Dates of death are within four days of each other
    • Photographer cites Oct. 16, 1682
    • G. Adams cites Oct. 12, 1682
  • There is no date of birth listed by the photographer (I assume, therefore, it is not listed on the gravestone)
  • Dates of Emigration are off by six years
    • Photographer cites 1629
    • G. Adams cites 1635

I am inclined to believe G. Adams’ date as it was derived directly from Bank’s Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650 by Chas. Ed. Banks 1957, p. 24. However, why this date would be different on his gravestone, I have no explanation.

The photograph of Robert’s gravestone is copyrighted, so in order to view it, click here.

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