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Ancestry of Elizabeth de Gournai

January 18, 2010

The ancestry of Elizabeth de Gournai is very interesting and is included here purely for historical interest:

Pepin of Landen born before the year 608. He had:

Grimold, he had:

Pepin of Heristal, he had:

Charles Martel, King of France…A.D. 69 (8). He had:

Pepin the Short, died A.D. 768. He had:

Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, was born 2 April 742 at Aix-le-Chappelle. He died in the year 814. His son was Louis I, known as Louis the Pious, King of France.

Louis I (The Pious), King of France. He had:

Charles II (The Bald), King of France. His daughter, Judith, married Count Baldwin I (of the Iron Arm). They had:

Baldwin II, Count of Flanders. They had:

Arnolph the Great, Count of Flanders. He had:

Baldwin III, Count of Flanders. He had:

Arnolph III, Fifth Count of Flanders. He had:

Baldwin IV, Sixth Count of Flanders. He had:

Baldwin V, Seventh Count of Flanders, married Princess Adela, daughter of King Robert the Pious, son of Hugh Capet, King of France. They had daughter, Matilda, who married William the Conqueror of England and seventh Duke of Normandy in A.D. 1053. Queen Matilda was also descended from Alfred the Great and father of William who was first cousin of Edward the Confessor. Their daughter was:

Princess Gundred, who married William de Warren, created Earl of Surrey. He was a Norman Baron of Danish descent who accompanied William the Conqueror on his expedition to England and took and important part in the Battle of Hastings, fought 14 October 1066. For his valor that day, he was rewarded with lands in Sussex, Surrey, Norfolk and Suffolk. He married the above princess, who was the fourth daughter of William the Conqueror and Matilda, and became the progenitor of the Earl of Warren and Surrey. At Lewis, near Newhaven, he was buried and here “The Great Earl” and Princess Gundred founded a “glorious Priory to the Glory of God.” They had:

Edith de Warren, who married Gerard, Baron de Gournai. He was the son of Hugh de Gournai and Basilia, daughter of Gerard Flaital and sister of William, bishop of Evreaux. He, with his father, fought in the battles of Mortimer and Hastings. His father became a monk in the Benedictine Abbey of (Rec…). Gerard de Gournai died in Palestine in 1096. Their son was:

Hugh, Baron de Gournai, who married Lady Julia Dumpmartin, sister of Reginald, Count de Boulogne. He lost his Norman estates through political troubles and took refuge in England. He is buried in Langley Abbey, Norfolk. He was Lord of Beverston. He had:

Anselm de Gournai, Lord of Beverston. He had:

Robert de Gournai, Lord of Beverston. He had:

Anselm de Gournai, Lord of Beverston. He had:

John de Gournai, Lord of Beverston, who married Lady Olivia, daughter of Henry Lovel, Baron of C…Cary. They had:

Elizabeth de Gournai, who married John Ap Adam.

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  1. V.E.G. permalink
    February 4, 2011 1:54 pm

    While Pepin’s feast day is February 21, Craig Pepin was born on February 24, 1950. Craig Pepin is a modern day saint, and he was a hero gave his life saving others. He is direct descendant of a French-Canadian family. People would have said, “Craig “Frenchie” Pepin, a hero!”

  2. Kelley Reynolds permalink
    September 18, 2011 12:28 pm

    I have an Adams Ancestry list from my mom. I love looking these things up and finding the list so verifiable….and the added information from sites such as these are so amazing. I am Robert Adams descendant through his son Sgt Abraham Adams.

  3. September 22, 2011 9:35 am

    Kelley, it’s so nice to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping by & I’m glad we could be of help. Let’s definitely keep in touch – feel free to email me anytime.

  4. Jude O'Connor permalink
    October 31, 2012 8:48 am

    Hi..My name is Jude O’Connor and Elizabeth de Gournai is 21 st great grandmother. I love your site which I found doing research on the “folks”. It is wonderful to communicate with others who understand the love of genealogy! My family is not interested and I can’t even imagine that. Thanks for being out there.

    • October 31, 2012 1:07 pm

      Hi, Jude!! I am so glad to meet you and learn that this information is helpful to you. 🙂 It really is great to connect with others who have the Genealogy Bug. We are a rare bunch!

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