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Descendants of Robert Adams: Generation 6

March 23, 2010

Major John20 Adams (JOHN19, ISRAEL18, SARAH17, ABRAHAM16, ROBERT15, ROBERT14, RICHARD13, JOHN12, JOHN11, JOHN10, THOMAS9, ROGER8, JOHN AP7, JOHN AP6, THOMAS AP5, JOHN AP4, WILLIAM AP3, JOHN AP2, JOHN AP1) was born 26 February 1766 in Andover, Essex, MA and died 28 September 1839 in Andover, Essex, MA. He married Dorcas Faulkner 08 December 1789 in Andover, Essex, MA, daughter of Joseph Faulkner and Hannah Hovey. She was born 24 September 1766 in Andover, Essex, MA and died 23 September 1837 in Andover, Essex, MA.

Notes for Major John Adams:
OCCUPATION: Farmer and sometime soldier.

MILITARY: Brigade Major in the State Militia and served at the time of Shays’ Rebellion. Commissioned as a Captain in 1793, he served as adjutant to General Lovejoy. Called “John Adams Jr., Gentleman.” He lived on the family homestead in N. Andover, MA. Lieutenant and Major Adams died at the age of 73.

BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Vital Records of Andover, Vol. II, p. 375

Notes for Dorcas Faulkner:
IGI Batch & Sheet No. C500131, Library Call No. for Source Doc. 843755 496897

MARRIAGE: Andover Vital Records, Vol. II p. 274

FATHER: Andover Vital Records, Vol. II p. 274

Children of John Adams and Dorcas Faulkner are:

i. Colonel Joseph Henry21 Adams, b. 21 March 1790, North Andover, Essex, MA; d. 01 July 1861, Boston, MA.
ii. Hannah Adams, b. 18 December 1791, Andover, Essex, MA; d. 28 May 1859
iii. Mary Holt Adams, b. 04 November 1793, North Andover, Essex, MA
iv. Charlotte Adams, b. 29 May 1796, North Andover, Essex, MA; d. 27 July 1871, North Andover, Essex, MA
v. Isaac Adams, b. 27 October 1798, Andover, Essex, MA; d. 27 October 1801, Andover, Essex, MA
vi. Martha Adams, b. 28 May 1801, Andover, Essex, MA; d. 25 July 1875, Schenectedy, NY; m. Rev. John Chauncey, 30 September 1829
vii. Louisa Adams, b. 28 December 1803, Andover, Essex, MA; m. Jonathan Levitt, 07 December 1825
viii. Sarah Anne Adams, b. 02 February 1806, Andover, Essex, MA; d. 24 September 1882, Hanover, MA; m. Asa D. Smith, 09 November 1843

Notes for Asa D. Smith:
Reverend Asa D. Smith of Dartmouth College

ix. Emeline Osgood Adams, b. 31 January 1808, Andover, Essex, MA; d. 21 March 1810, Andover, Essex, MA
x. John Osgood Adams, b. 03 September 1811, Andover, Essex, MA; d. 01 January 1832, New York, NY

Notes for John Osgood Adams:
Died of inflammation of the bowel while studying medicine in New York City. DEATH: Andover Vital Records to 1850, p. 375.

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