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Descendants of Robert Adams: Generation 9

April 12, 2010

John Frederick23 Adams (JOHN22, JOSEPH HENRY21, JOHN20, JOHN19, ISRAEL18, SARAH17, ABRAHAM16, ROBERT15, ROBERT14, RICHARD13, JOHN12, JOHN11, JOHN10, THOMAS9, ROGER8, JOHN AP7, JOHN AP6, THOMAS AP5, JOHN AP4, WILLIAM AP3, JOHN AP2, JOHN AP1) was born 08 January 1853 in Boston, Essex, MA[1], and died 02 February 1926 in Haverhill, Essex, MA. He married Amie Batcheller Kelly 06 June 1876 in Haverhill, MA daughter of Amos Kelly and Elizabeth Batcheller. She was born 23 October 1855 in Haverhill, MA and died 26 February 1948 in Haverhill, Essex, MA.

Notes for John Frederick Adams:
DEATH: Records from newspaper clippings, Haverhill, MA

OBITUARY/OCCUPATION: Much of this information was sent to Gareldine Adams as Xerox copies of Haverhill, MA newspapers from Gregory Laing, librarian of the Haverhill Public Library. Harry (Henry) Adams, before his death gave Gareldine Adams information on his family, as did John Amos Adams.

PARENTS/EDUCATION: Information from notes taken in an interview with Elizabeth Rand Adams Cox in her home in 1966, and from notes given to Gareldine Adams by his wife, Amie Batcheller Kelly Adams.

Mr. Adams was born in Boston, MA, where he attended private schools. His father died when he was but 16 years old and his mother, supposedly, shortly after. At the age of 18, he came to Haverhill, MA where his father’s sister lived. He resided in Haverhill, MA until his death.

He boarded with his Aunt, Mrs. J. E. Gale at “Buttonwoods” according to the Haverhill City Directory of 1872. Buttonwoods is now the home of the Haverhill Historical Society and is a museum. Mr. Adams worked as a teller in the Haverhill Savings Bank[2] until 1889 when he opened a bicycle shop. In 1891, he took over the insurance business of his Uncle, Edward F. Adams who died. He has since been connected with the insurance business, although he also had a bicycle shop. Mr. Adams was always interested in bicycles and was among the first residents of this city to own one. He became a member of the Boston Bicycle Club in 1880. He also owned one of the first automobiles in the city, a steam driven one. There is a list of Haverhill automobile owners and he is listed in 1904 as the owner of an 8hp Knox, which he kept until 1908. In 1908, he is listed as owning a 20hp Oakland.

In 1889, the family was living at 35 Highland Avenue. In 1902, the place of residence is given in the city directory as 7 Richmond Street. In 1916, it is again listed as 35 Highland Avenue. They supposedly moved to Richmond Street when the house on Highland proved to be too small for their large family.

There is an interesting anecdote in regards to the Richmond Street house, as told by the Librarian, Gregory Laing. It seems they originally built the house with pillars and porch facing the street. After a bit, Mr. Adams had a feud with a neighbor across the street, and to show his displeasure, had the house picked up and turned around so that the back door faced the street. The front door still faces the back yard. (The house was built of wood, fortunately, and not brick.) In 1997, the pillars were gone and there is now a swimming pool in the back yard. The house has been turned into a duplex.

The Poll Tax list for the year 1895 lists J. Fred Adams, age 42; in 1902, it lists Adams, J. Fred as 48 years of age and Adams, Henry S. age 25. In 1905, J. Fred is 51, Henry S. is 28 and John A. is 22. J. Fred is listed as selling Insurance and bicycles. Henry is listed as a salesman and John A. as a clerk.

Mr. Adams is buried in the Kelly family plot, Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA.

Notes for Amie Batcheller Kelly:
Birth date was provided to Gareldine Adams by Amie Batcheller Kelly Adams.

DEATH: Xerox copies of her obituary in the Haverhill, MA paper are in the possession of Geraldine Adams.

Amie graduated from Tilton Seminary, Tilton, NH. She graduated from La Salle University in 1874, which was unusual for that era. She was a member of the Haverhill Historical Society. She joined the Ladies Aid Society at the age of 10 years old. She was the daughter of Amos Sawyer Kelly and Elizabeth Bowler Batcheller.

Children of John Adams and Amie Batcheller are:

i. Henry Shaw24 Adams, b. 09 June 1877, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 09 July 1962, Chester, SC. m. Marie Clifford 21 September 1909, Union, South Carolina
ii. Elizabeth Rand Adams, b. 21 January 1879, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 28 March 1968, Plainfield, NJ; m. Fred J. Cox, 10 October 1905, Haverhill, Essex, MA
iii. Julia Marguerite Adams, b. 15 September 1881, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 14 February 1962, Haverhill, Essex, MA
Notes for Julia Marguerite Adams:
Personal notes from Elizabeth Cox Adams and J. Marguerite Adams. Death notice in the Haverhill, MA paper. The Haverhill Gazette, dated 29 September 1900 has a notice: “Miss Marguerite Adams, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Adams of the Highlands, has entered the Normal School in Lowell, where she will prepare herself for kindergarten work.” She taught school in the primary grades in Haverhill, MA, until her retirement. She lived in the family home at 35 Highland Avenue, Haverhill, MA from her birth until shortly before her death.
iv. John Amos Adams, b. 10 January 1883, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 27 July 1968, Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM; m. Helen Belle Shields, 16 July 1914, Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM
v. Ward Adams, b. 21 July 1884, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 07 November 1884, Haverhill, Essex, MA
Notes for Ward Adams:
Information supplied by Amie Batcheller Kelly Adams before her death. Gravestone in the Adams family plot, Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA
vi. Faith Kelly Adams, b. 05 December 1885, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 08 December 1947, Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. Dr. Thomas Francis Capeles, 29 August 1918, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 10 February 1948, Haverhill, Essex, MA
Notes for Faith Kelly Adams:
Information supplied by Amie Batcheller Kelly Adams before her death.
Notes for Dr. Thomas Francis Capeles:
Frank was a physician – an eye, ear, nose & throat specialist – in Haverhill, MA. He died in 1948. Although Frank was a member of the Catholic Church, he and Faith are both buried in Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA, Section Y, Lot 987
vii. Edward Frederick Adams, b. 26 December 1887, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 12 March 1961, Haverhill, Essex, MA; m. (1) Catharine Ruddock, 07 October 1916, Haverhill, MA; m. (2) Cecilia Flynn, Aft. 1919; m. (3) Ruth Sturdevant, Aft. 1920
Notes for Edward Frederick Adams:
Information supplied by Amie Batcheller Kelly Adams before her death. He had an Insurance Agency in Haverhill, MA. The City Directory of 1919, Haverhill, MA shows him married to Catherine and as a clerk at 145 Essex Street. His residence is given as 80 Chestnut St.
viii. Arthur Rand Adams, b. 05 May 1891, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 11 November 1896, Haverhill, Essex, MA
ix. Amie Adams, b. 06 October 1893, Haverhill, Essex, MA; d. 25 November 1896, Haverhill, Essex, MA

[1] A Genealogical History of Robert Adams of Newbury, MA by Andrew N. Adams, published 1900 by the Tuttle Co., Rutland, VT; p.457

[2] Haverhill Directory of 1874 gives a listing for Fred Adams, a teller at Haverhill National Bank

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  1. William Covington permalink
    May 15, 2012 3:20 pm

    There has never been a record of any descendant of Lord John Ap Adam in America.
    The last of the Ap Adam males died in the early 15th century in England.


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