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Gareldine Adams dedicated 40+ years to the genealogical research of her book, “the Adams Family: Ancestors & Descendants of Frederick Shields Adams”, copyright 2000. ‘Garry’ Adams spent these years in contact with family members, libraries, churches, distant relatives, generous volunteers and historians all over the United States and  Europe. She traveled both continents to visit the historical locations outlined in her research and was passionate in her pursuit of every detail.

Her efforts resulted in the thorough documentation of fourteen Adams generations, originating with Robert Adams of Newbury, Essex, MA, (born 10 October 1602) and an additional genealogical record of Robert’s ancestry which goes back as far as 1296, to Sir John Ap Adam.

Garry’s book was her gift and legacy to our family. She passed away October 26, 2007. This blog was created in her memory, to continue her work and pass on the history that is much beloved to the descendants of John Amos Adams.

John Amos Adams
b. 10 January 1883, Haverhill, Essex, MA.
m. Helen Belle Shields 16 July 1914, Bernalillio, NM
d. 27 July 1968, Albuquerque, NM

John A. Adams was a direct descendant of Robert Adams of Newbury, Massachusetts. Robert Adams landed in Ipswich in 1635 from England within two years of his cousins’ arrival in Braintree – Henry Adams, ancestor of the American Presidents, John and John Quincy Adams.

Here will be told the stories of John A. Adams’ ancestors and descendants*, the stories and lives that have shaped us and strengthened us. These are our trials and adventures, our character and faith, our history and cherished coat of arms.

To aspire, persevere and indulge not.

About the Blog Author:

Jules Maas is the granddaughter of Frederick Shields Adams and Gareldine Adams. In 1991, she traveled with Garry to England and Germany on a genealogical research trip, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. She is currently updating Garry’s book with developments and births that have occurred since publication in 2000, as well as developing an expanded section on the Family’s history in Jemez Springs, NM.

This work is made possible by the participation of many Adams descendants and the generous help of Frederick Shields Adams, Sr; Elizabeth Adams; Frederick Shields Adams, Jr; Paul Adams Sr; Paul Adams, Jr.; Amie Adams Green; and Helen Adams Wicker.

*To protect and respect individual privacy, biographical information of living relatives will not be posted here. Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the author at

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